Consumer research

Paravizion Consumer Research Capabilities enable our customers to save time and money in the product design, branding and promotions process. Without the need for a physical model, we empower consumer insight managers, marketers, brand managers and packing technologists with actionable insights. This reduces risk, increases confidence and speeds development in the NPD process.


The ability to scientifically gauge pack, brand or promotional effectiveness on the consumer, as early as the concept stage, speeds time to market and reduces development costs.

Added advantages to CPG clients include the speed in which Paravizion can deliver a turnkey research project tailored specifically to the requirements of the commissioning party.

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example studies

Our products add a huge amount of value to our clients in many ways:-
  • Pack effectiveness, on-shelf, early in the NPD cycle.
  • Noticeability of product variants.
  • Competitive benchmarking.
  • Brand representativeness of new packs.
  • Importance of shelf coverage or pop out.
  • Prominence of a particular location on a fixture.
  • Importance of on-shelf presentation variables.
  • Effectiveness of secondary shelf ready packaging.
  • Effect of product depletion on shopper perception.